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The challenges of patient care are constantly changing and it is our shared responsibility to deliver higher quality patient outcomes while reducing the Total Cost of Care and increasing efficiencies. In addition, you must ensure the safety and well-being of the patients trusted to your care.

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  1. Manage inventory proactively and maintain schedules by accurately forecasting usage ofmedical oxygenand other medical gases and associated supplies
  2. Save time managing multiple suppliers and associated bill pay accounting, organizing delivery receipts, and monitoring gas use
  3. Minimize safety risks for both your patients and team when using medical oxygen and medical gases
Improve patient safety with INTELLI‑OX+™ and WOB+™ mobile medical cylinders
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Focus on patient care instead

Airgas Healthcare works alongside healthcare professionals to help promote change that makes the healthcare system more efficient and safe. As your medical oxygen supplier, we can help simplify your daily tasks and improve your Total Cost of Care with one-stop access to the medical oxygen and other gases, equipment, services and digital tools that you need to save time and stay focused on what is most important: improving patient care.

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Improve patient safety with
INTELLI‑OX+™ and WOB+™ mobile
medical cylinders
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Hear from a healthcare industry expert

Transformation in healthcare will require collaboration between providers, industry, payers and GPOs to improve quality and manage the cost of care over time.

Peter Aftosmes,Healthcare Executive

Transforming patient care

Healthcare is a rapidly evolving industry. See how Airgas Healthcare and healthcare leaders like Peter Aftosmes are working to move healthcare forward through medical organizational and digital innovations to create value for the patient, the healthcare professional and the healthcare system.

More products & services from Airgas Healthcare

Thanks to the dedication and expertise of our team, we operate in asafe,quick,reliableandefficientway to bring you theproducts and servicesyou need, so you can focus more on patient care:

  • Safebecause safety is an inherent part of our culture that extends from our employees to our customers and the communities in which we operate
  • Quickdue to our geographical proximity to customers and supply chain expertise
  • Reliablebecause we deliver the medical gases and delivery equipment you need, when and where needed
  • Efficientbecause we provide multiple channels for engaging us including local healthcare
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Medical gases, including medical oxygen and medical nitrous oxide, in a variety of supply modes

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Safety productsand Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep you and your patients safe

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Gas handling accessoriesto safely deliver your medical-grade gases

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Supply chain solutionsfor more visibility, control and savings

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A network of specialistswith expertise in gas delivery systems, respiratory therapy, and environmental, health and safety (EHS)