Life Sciences: Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Life Sciences R&D


In pharmaceuticals, biotech and life sciences, discovery and invention are daily priorities.

And in looking toward the future, efficient and cost-effective innovation becomes the critical goal for your growth and continued success. But in the face of increasing costs, scarce funding and shrinking talent pools, innovation becomes increasingly difficult to come by.

Gases are not the biggest R&D cost, but they can often be the biggest headache. Not using standard procurement programs could compromise current performance and jeopardize future opportunities.

Fortunately, by standardizing your supply chain, you can—believe it or not—actually create more conducive conditions for innovation. If you want to focus more on breakthroughs than supply-chain breakdowns, take advantage of structured programs for procurement, service and payables. A structured vendor relationship with one trusted supplier can free up time to develop today’s discoveries and tomorrow’s research leaders.

Balance innovation with standardization

At Airgas Healthcare, we provide a nationwide network with local presence, unparalleled gas quality and expertise, and capabilities to help consolidate and streamline invoicing, billing, distribution, engineering and delivery solutions for a wide range of analytical laboratories, including:

  • Research labs
  • Pharmaceutical labs
  • Emissions-monitoring labs
  • Commercial labs
  • Crime labs

By evaluating your spend, monitoring your usage and auditing your gas systems, we help optimize your purchases and standardize your supply chain in the following areas:

  • Laboratory and specialty gases:
    • Liquid nitrogen
    • Liquid carbon dioxide
    • Helium
    • Pure hydrocarbons
    • Hydrocarbon blends
    • NIST-traceable calibration standards
    • EPA protocol standards
    • Healthcare refrigerants
    • Electronic-grade gases
    • Halocarbons
    • Process chemicals
    • Laser mixes
    • High-tolerance specialty gas mixtures
  • Gas-related equipment and services:
    • Cylinders (available in a wide variety of sizes)
    • MicroBulk delivery
    • Bulk delivery
    • Regulators and changeover manifolds
    • Gas purifiers
    • Gas generators
    • Gas monitors
    • Gas cabinets
    • Laboratory safety products
    • Cryogenic freezers and accessories
    • Laboratory gas monitoring systems

Expertise and resources to deliver what you need

We eliminate the headaches and hassles of managing specialty gases, equipment and MRO supplies so you can focus on what you do best. Find out why more labs and universities rely on Airgas, an Air Liquide company.

  • Complete suite of value-added solutions
  • Unparalleled selection of specialty gases, equipment and safety products
  • Cryogenic design and management
  • Custom-designed gas systems
  • Efficient and cost-effective central gas supply
  • Advanced inventory management and cylinder-tracking systems
  • Regulatory and application expertise

Boost productivity and safety with central gas distribution

Centralized gas supply allows your labs to focus on research and analytics, not managing cylinders. Our Central Gas Supply system helps you right size the number of gas cylinders at your facility, reclaim valuable space in the lab and create a safer, more productive environment, all without sacrificing control at the point of use. Plus, our specialty gas equipment experts will assist you in each step of the process, providing consultation during system design, installation, startup and daily application.

Effectively manage the products you use every day

AirgasOUTLOOK®Managed Services takes time and resource waste out of the equation for your supply-chain process for gases, equipment, cryogenics, safety products and MRO supplies.

We have the expertise and resources to deliver all the right gases, plus a wide variety of delivery modes including high-pressure cylinders, liquid dewars, MicroBulk, tube trailers and bulk tanks.

Find the right products and the right solutions—at the right time

We’re always looking for ways to bring more economy and efficacy to your supply chain. As the industry’s leading single source for all things gases, welding and safety, we had a few breakthroughs of our own, including developing customized online tools for purchasing and inventory management, and providing a multichannel customer service model:

  • More than 1,100 locations nationwide
  • Expert account managers
  • Industry specialists
  • Dedicated telesales team
  • Robust eProcurement platform


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