Food industry professional monitors yet--to-be-wrapped steaks on a meat packaging line. Food industry professional monitors yet--to-be-wrapped steaks on a meat packaging line. Food industry professional monitors yet--to-be-wrapped steaks on a meat packaging line.
Whether you’re keeping up with production or food industry trends, turn to Airgas for your critical needs in food production, food processing and food transportation.

Respond rapidly to trends in food production, processing and transportation

Improve safety, quality and productivity with sustainable solutions from Airgas, an Air Liquide company

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Quickly adapt to safely meet food processing trends

The food industry is changing every day. Staying on top of the latest food processing industry trends is critical to your business. Food safety remains a top priority, but today’s savvy customer also demands healthier food options with more locally sourced or ready-to-eat products, less additives and a shorter route to their table. You must reliably deliver safety and quality to your customers all while remaining efficient, flexible and safe.

  1. Increase productivity and quickly adapt your food processing chain to meet rapidly changing consumer demands and emerging food industry trends
  2. Comply with food industry standards, including Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and others to ensure safety of your product, plant and employees
  3. Ensure quality and preservation of the products: taste, aspect, shelf life and clean labels

From farm to fork and everywhere in between, you need sustainable solutions to deliver quality, safe products.

See How Airgas Can Help You with Food Production and Food Processing

Sustainable solutions for your food production process

With more than 40 years experience in the food industry, Airgas has been a pioneer in the development of food-grade gases, equipment and process solutions. Our processes to reliably and consistently produce food-grade gases provide you with the confidence to meet food safety and quality standards, while improving sustainability.


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Bill Adams, PhD, Director of Food and Pharmaceutical Solutions for Airgas

Hear from one of our food industry experts

As food industry trends emerge, Airgas works with you to develop innovative and sustainable solutions. From clean label foods to producing meatless alternatives and using more locally sourced products, we’re ready to help you adapt your processes and stay productive.

Bill Adams, PhD,Director, Food and Pharmaceutical Solutions

Bring even more efficiency and quality to the food value chain

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Access gases nationwidewith the support of a local team:

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Optimize your processwith solutions tailored to address your unique production needs and backed by our network of experts:

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Maintain product quality,minimize food safety risks and improve production capacity:

  • State-of-the-art, turnkey food freezing and chilling equipment
  • Complete process evaluation including product testing
  • Engineering, installation, set up
  • Ongoing service, maintenance and spare parts packages for equipment: contact us at833‑PRTS‑
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Increase visibility, control and savingswith supply chain solutions:

  • Streamline account and order management using digital tools via
  • Improve operations management and reduce risk with traceable cylinders via lot numbers and barcoding
  • Increase visibility and improve inventory management with EZ-VEND®VMI and other vending solutions
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Improve safetyfor your team and in the communities around you:

  • 60+ QSSP- and OSHA 30-certified safety specialists
  • iMSafe™ on-site safety assessments
  • Full line ofsafety products and PPE
  • Cylinder equipment including regulators, gas detectors and accessories for safe gas handling