Jobsite Skid

Moving large volumes of welding gases around your jobsite can be complicated. Now you can transport welding gases wherever you need them. The Airgas jobsite skid is a high-output, portable MicroBulk gas delivery system that produces ARCAL™ or premium-grade welding gases almost anywhere on your jobsite. It's delivered ready to use—getting your operation up and running days faster than before.


  • Move from jobsite to jobsite safely and easily with forklift or crane
  • Decrease cylinder and bundle handling on the jobsite
  • No power needed


  • Blend consistent and accurate mixed gases exceeding AWS/ISO standards*
  • Get reliable liquid supply with world-class logistics


  • Boost efficiency with turnkey solution
  • Improve production with one gas source for multiple welders
  • Use in any temperature ranging from -40°F to 120°F

*ARCAL exceeds AWS 5.32/ISO 14175 standards

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Quick, easy install

The Jobsite Skid from Airgas is ready to use within hours of delivery.

Delivered completely assembled

Certified and calibrated by Airgas

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