Take a guided tour through Airgas.com

See exactly how key site features work

We designed Airgas.com to make doing business with us even easier. To help you take advantage of our time saving features, we developed the following brief tutorials.

Getting Started|Orders|Cylinders|Invoices|Safety Data Sheets/Certificates of Analysis

Getting Started

Logging in

Learn how to log in and get access to all Airgas.com has to offer.

Switching Accounts

Manage multiple accounts? Learn how to move fluidly from one account to another.

Managing Your Profile

Get the ins and outs of managing the fine details of your account.


Creating and Managing Lists

Keep everything you need organized and in one place with detailed product lists.

Using Express Order Pad

Make placing large orders a breeze by learning to build simple order lists.

Submitting/Obtaining Quotes

Getting a price quote has never been easier.

Checking Out

Found everything you need? Get ready for the last step.

Alternate Package Size

Now you can select from a range of alternate package sizes when adding a product to your cart or list.

My Items

Learn how to view items purchased in previous orders and contract items in a pre-populated list.

Viewing Frequently Purchased Items

Keep track of what you're ordering with total clarity and zero hassle.

Checking Item Availability

Follow these simple steps to see if the items you need are available for in-store pickup.


Viewing Cylinder Balances

Remember when cylinders were a chore to keep track of? We’ll show you how to do it with just a few clicks.

Returning Cylinders

Send back empty tanks simply by using your cart.


Standard Invoice

Invoices don’t have to be confusing. Learn what it all means with this brief video.

Calculating Volume Based Items

If your invoices contain volume-based items, learn more about what this means in this brief tutorials.

Cylinder Rental

Get a clear, simplified look at the information on your cylinder rental invoice.

Safety Data Sheets/Certificates of Analysis

Searching Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Quickly find and download important safety information with our SDS search page.

Viewing Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

Get easy access to COAs from your account dashboard.