An Advanced Fabrication expert comparing the weld quality on two brackets. An Advanced Fabrication expert comparing the weld quality on two brackets. An Advanced Fabrication expert comparing the weld quality on two brackets.
A Welding Efficiency Analysis will help you find out how efficient you are compared to your peers and identify areas of improvement that translate into savings.

Benchmark your operation against your peers

Gain real insight into your business with a Welding Efficiency Analysis from Airgas, an Air Liquide company

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How competitive are you?

How do you know how competitive you are? Most businesses don’t have any insight into how their peers are performing. You don’t know how much they’re spending or how efficient they are. If you don’t know what the industry averages are, how do you know if you are best in class, average or worse, at the very bottom? Gaining insights like this could be a game changer for your business. Knowing where you are compared to others will allow you to take the steps you need to ensure your performance is among the very best.

What are your challenges?

Unlocking the Hidden Cost of Welding

Find real savings, improve welding productivity and monitor your progress

Over the past decade, Airgas has created a database based on the more than 2,500 audits we’ve completed studying metal fabrication shops via the Welding Efficiency Analysis (WEA). As part of theUnlocking the Hidden Cost of Welding™program, the WEA collects and analyzes key inputs about your business to help you realize where you’re wasting resources. As you continue through the program, an Advanced Fabrication expert will work with you to develop and implement a continuous improvement plan. After the implementation stage, we’ll help you stay on track by monitoring your progress using ourDigital Welding Efficiency Analysis™ (DWEA™)dashboard. We want to be sure we’re doing everything we can to deliver sustainable cost savings to you.

Unlocking the Hidden Cost of Welding™

Hear from one of our Advanced Fabrication experts

We’ve developed a unique way to use your manufacturing data to help you find areas for improvement and determine your overall competitive position.

Rob Tessier, CWI, CWS,National Director — Advanced Fabrication Technologies and International Fellow

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Evaluate your cost to weld and other KPIs for your business

An Airgas Welding Efficiency Analysis provides you with insight into how your operation is performing and helps you quantify the real costs of any inefficiencies you may have. We can analyze your operation to help you evaluate cost to weld, travel speed, over welding, gas to wire ratio, MIG consumable efficiencies, plasma consumables efficiencies, operator factor and more. Get a preview of what you can learn from a Welding Efficiency Analysis with our interactive Weld Cost per Foot calculator and find out how you compare to the industry average.

See how your weld cost per foot compares to your peers. Are you average, better or worse? Enter your data below to find out.*